About us

The company OPTEC S.C. The Optoelectronics Experimental and Production Enterprise  started its activity in the field of fiber optic technology and LED technology in 1988. We offer products and services for industry, medical industry and lighting technology

Our team of competent employees meets your expectations regarding products and offers professional knowledge and assistance in choosing the right solutions and products for you.

A great advantage of our company is the fast and cost-effective service of all types of optical fibers, rigid and flexible endoscopes (Storz, Wolf, Olympus, Stryker, Fujinon, Pentax, ACMI and others), as well as special optical fibers, e.g. for laser (lipolysis, EVLT method, urology).


In order to obtain information about the commercial offer, the latest products and promotions, please contact Optec s.c. or to visit our websites:

www.optec.pl – the main page of the company Optec s.c.

www.medycyna.sklep.pl – catalog of medical equipment offered by Optec s.c.

www.luxlamp.pl – shop of lighting technology offered by Optec s.c.

www.endoskopy-techniczne.pl – catalog of rigid endoscopes and fiberscopes offered by Optec s.c.

OPTEC s.c.
ul. Alberta 6E
16-001 Księżyno k. Białegostoku
tel. (85) 743 74 17
tel. (85) 878 16 10 fax (85) 734 18 15
We are open: Monday – Friday: from 8:00 to 16:00

E-mail addresses:

sekretariat@optec.pl   Office
gniewkowski@optec.pl Office, Service of endoscopic optics, Service of optical fibers and optoelectronic equipment
marcin@optec.pl Sale of optical fibers and medical equipment
piotr@optec.pl Fiber optic lighting technology
wojtek@optec.pl Service of medical equipment
Production department – medicine
Laser welding
pawel@optec.pl Service of endoscopic optics and optical fibers for laser equipment
jarek@optec.pl Industrial Endsocopes Sales / Service

Sales representatives:

(Łódź, Świętokrzyskie voivodships, Warsaw)
Optechnika Krzysztof Urbaniak
email: krzysztofoptec@wp.pl
mobile 726 772 000


Authorized representative for Slovenia and Croatia

AMBULATNI CENTER  Estetika Milošević

PE Slovenj Gradec
Francetova cesta 4
2380 Slovenj Gradec

PE Ljubljana
Ukmarjeva ulica 4
1000 Ljubljana

tel.: 0590 34 110
fax: 0590 34 111

e-mail: info@estetika-milosevic.si

website: www.estetika-milosevic.si